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Last modified: October 20, 2021

Download free best softphone

Download free best softphone

Softphone apps for desktop and mobile to set up with your VoIP provider Switch2VoIP, available for businesses and individuals. Some of these soft-phones provide features such as call recording and three-way calling.

Free softphone download links

Download Zoiper

Free softphone downloads are available for Windows and Mac. Also can be installed on mobile versions from the device App Store. Only require a VoIP account to enter the credentials on the settings and make calls. According to the developers, it’s for non-commercial use despite many online businesses are using it to make and receive calls.

Download Xlite

X-lite has been the most popular softphone for call centers and individuals until recently the developers announced the application will come to an end and they will only continue developing the commercial version called Bria.

Download PhonerLite

PhonerLite is a softphone application for Windows. PhonerLite allows the user to make phone calls from a PC to landline or mobile telephones via IP internet telephony (VoIP, Voice over IP).  http://phonerlite.de/download_en.htm

Download Phoner

Is a free VoIP softphone available for the Microsoft Windows operative system, compatible with Windows 7 up to Windows 10. http://www.phoner.de/download_en.htm

Download MicroSIP

Open-source free SIP softphone for Windows. Based on the PJSIP stack. https://www.microsip.org/downloads



Softphone Installation and setup instructions