Why VoIP is better than traditional telephone service?

Last modified: November 20, 2020

Why VoIP is better than landline conventional telephone service

Are you familiar with VoIP? If not then you are missing the freedom it gives over conventional wire telephone landlines, being more cost-effective and more flexible.

7 Reasons why VoIP is better than a traditional phone service

1. VoIP is on the clouds so there is no need of on premises equipments or servers, besides your IP phones to take calls and that’s all you need, no need to rent extra space or offices to install infrastructure or hire technicians.

2. Since there is no physical hardware involved as latest PBX used to have when using traditional setups, forget about worrying about high cost maintenance fees and extra charges, VoIP is under constant development and you will also receive the benefits of it without even noticing it.

3. Full telephony functionalities and better, the reports, calls history and settings can be accessed from the web and from any location, if you are on a meeting, having some relaxing time at a coffee shop or resting at home.

4. VoIP telephone systems are not tied to any location, you can have teams working other countries, in different offices and even from home, it will work as long as you have an internet connection.

5. Cost effective inversion, only pay for the minutes you consume, there are many providers on the prepaid model so there is little or no risk involved and you can start with no inversion on a pay as you go structure.

6. VoIP carries more economical monthly fees than traditional lines because it manages less staff, less equipment therefore the VoIP cost and infrastructure are inferior.

7. VoIP provides flexibility, request a virtual PBX and get yourself a dedicated automatic receptionist to answer calls and route to other extensions, record calls or monitor them remotely. More savings.

More are the benefits that VoIP telephony provides to business while you can focus on the business core; the customers. IP telephony gives you more for less when compared to conventional wired phone lines.

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