What is VoIP? How it works, complete guide.

Last modified: January 23, 2021

What is VoIP? How it works, complete guide.

What is VoIP? The term VoIP means Voice over Internet Protocol. It’s also called PC to Phone, SIP Telephony, IP Telephony or Internet Telephony.

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)

VoIP is an affordable option to make phone calls, with the difference that the calls are a lot cheaper than traditional phone lines. The telephone set is not always necessary as you can communicate from your computer.

It’s a great tool for our business, so if your friends ask you again “What is VoIP?” just give them this VoIP definition: “Voice over Internet Protocol is a technology used to deliver voice via telephone calls over the internet.”

There are a lot of advantages over the traditional phone system. The reason why most of people are turning to VoIP technology is the cost. How much does a VoIP service cost? Here is an example of VoIP cost:

CountryCostQuantityTotal Price
United States0.008 per minute625 minutes$5
Canada0.005 per minute1000 minutes$5
United Kingdom0.008 per minute625 minutes$5
Based on current VoIP prices on prepaid or pay-as-you-go model with no monthly fees.

If you have access to a computer with a mic and speakers or a headset, and an Internet connection then you can communicate using VoIP. You can also use your mobile phone by downloading an application, contact Switch2VoIP Support team for more information.

How can i use VoIP?

You can use VoIP from your office, home or laptop on the road. It all depends on where and how you will be making the calls. Either it is from your home, work or your corporate network, during a travel and even on the beach the price is always under 1 cent per minute for most of the destinations including United States, Canada, United Kingdom and many more.

1- Create your VoIP account and buy some credits:

The cost of your VoIP will depend on your usage. Many VoIP providers To buy VoIP credits first you need to verify that you are buying the best VoIP prices and then go to the VoIP store and signup for a test account with as little as $5 you can start making calls after you finish testing you can add more credits as you need.

2- Download a free Softphone and setup your VoIP account:

X-lite Free VoIP Softphone

What is a Softphone?

A Softphone is a software that allows the user to make calls from their computers or cell phones, it resembles a small telephone with the keypads, it’s an easy to use application to communicate with your friends and family or growing your business while saving money.

Switch2VoIP offers a free softphone: Download Free VoIP Softphone, you can visit our easy Instructions to setup Xlite, this software is constantly tested by us and contains no viruses.

The prices for all the destinations can be downloaded from this link: Worldwide VoIP Rates.

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The term or word VoIP means Voice over Internet Protocol which is a method to make calls over the internet.  It is also known as: PC to Phone, IP Telephony, Internet Telephony or SIP Telephony.

It is the means of making a call using Internet as the transmission medium, rather than the traditional way via phone lines with telephone cords.  VoIP is a very simple easy way of connecting voice data using IP.

What are the benefits of VoIP?

There are many advantages in using VoIP over the usual phone system.  The most common beneficial reason for choosing VoIP technology is the cost.  That is a great advantage for business owners to reduce the cost of calling customers.

Do you have computer access, a microphone, speakers, or a headset, along with Internet connection?  That is all you need, you can now start communicating using VoIP. 

You can also use your cell phone by simply downloading an application and using the VoIP account at the tip of your fingers.  For further questions, please contact our Switch2VoIP Support team.  

How can I use VoIP?

VoIP can be used from home, office, a laptop on road, or even your mobile phone. The convenience of making calls at a low cost is simple. You can be in your home, at the office, traveling, and even sitting on the beach and you will always be enjoying the low cost per minute to many destinations. 

With VoIP to most destinations including the USA, United Kingdom, Canada, and many more, the cost is less than 1 cent per minute.  See our rates for all over the world from this link:  http://www.switch2voip.us/voip-rates-for-call-center

What is a softphone and how can I make the call?

The software used in order for users to make calls from their computers or mobile phones is called a Softphone (software telephone). 

It resembles a small telephone with a keypad, very easy to use, and allows you to communicate with family or friends or a business can use VoIP to communicate with customers while saving money. 

Softphones allows you to make low-cost telephone calls through the VoIP to anywhere in the world. 

The rates and convenience of using this service from anywhere are priceless. Switch2VoIP offers a free softphone, you can also visit our easy instructions to configure the Softphone ‘Eyebeam’ or ‘Xlite’ https://switch2voip.us/configure-xlite-softphone-xten-eyebeam-download .

What is a Hosted Virtual Dialer?

The Hosted Dialer is a virtual VICIdial which provides you with the facility to call automatically to your customers.  This increases the production of the Call Center or business, making calls in a fast and efficient way. 

With our Hosted Virtual Dialer you can have peace of mind with 99% uptime guaranteed. 

Many features come along with the Hosted Dialer, including free Tech support. 

This is the perfect solution that is more reliable and efficient than having an In-House server.  http://www.switch2voip.us/voip-services/virtual-call-center-vicidial-goautodial See this link for more information on our Virtual Hosted Dialer.

What is Hosted PBX?

Hosted PBX is the most efficient way to connect via IP to the VoIP provider for voice calls and service. The Hosted PBX or Private Branch Exchange is a cloud-based system that is accessible using an IP network.

It can reduce a great amount of your monthly phone bill when compared to a traditional business phone number system. There is no hardware, software, or maintenance required, and can be managed from off-site.

For these reasons and more a hosted PBX is increasing in popularity with business owners to make calls easily and efficiently.

What is an IVR?

An IVR, Interactive Voice Response is an automated telephone system that communicates with callers, collects information after routes or transfers calls automatically.

An IVR system can accept many different combinations of telephone touch-tone keypad selection or voice telephone input and then provides the correct appropriate responses in various forms of media, either voice, e-mail, callback, etc.

An IVR provides a pre-recorded voice response to a customer and then can transfer the call to a human being to continue with the call.

What is SIP Trunking?

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Trunking is the use of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) to facilitate the connection between a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) to the Internet.

SIP is a standard for initiating multimedia sessions; a trunk is a line or link that can carry and connect many signals at a time.

For business SIP trunking provides Integrated Services for Digital Network (ISDN) line rationalization (to improve profits) and reduces the business PBX needed to maintain.

SIP Trunking cuts down the cost of Basic Rate Interfaces (BRI’s) and also Primary Rate Interfaces (PRI’s) subscriptions.  http://www.switch2voip.us/voip-services/call-center-sip-trunking  

What is Virtual Phone number?

A Virtual Phone number is a telephone number also known as DID, without a telephone cable or line directly connected or associated to it.

A Virtual number can make it easy for someone in a specific location or area code to call another area code as if it were a local call.

These telephone numbers are commonly programmed to forward the incoming calls to a telephone number selected.

For example, let’s say you live in California, USA, and you purchase a Virtual phone number from Sydney, Australia.  Anyone in Sydney can call your local Sydney phone number and get a hold of you in California.

See the list of countries we offer Virtual Phone numbers for, see this link for more information.  http://www.switch2voip.us/voip-services/free-usa-and-canada-virtual-phone-number 

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