What is a VoIP Phone Number?

Last modified: January 16, 2021

What is a voip phone number?

VoIP phone numbers, the world just got smaller!

VoIP phone number services are very popular, and very important for local businesses to stay present in different locations and various markets; almost like having a virtual branch that represents the main office in that particular city or country, without traveling or establishing an office over there.

The overhead can become very expensive for new businesses that wish to market their product and services anywhere they can, as well as medium to small businesses. This is why Switch2Voip brings you two solutions: Toll Free Numbers and local USA VoIP Phone Numbers. Not only will your company be well represented in international markets, but you will also build trust from the consumers calling your company because it belongs to their same area code they live in.

A VoIP phone number is vital for your business.

Many companies have provided these services for over five decades but, the affordable virtual VoIP phone number from modern telephony allows your business to own a VoIP-phone number for example from USA at no monthly cost. VoIP telephony has become the future for all of us already here, making analog telephony just more obsolete yet more expensive.

With globalization and technology businesses don’t serve the local consumer anymore, it is ironic, but east coast businesses provide goods to the west coast, while west coast businesses provide them to the east coast. As a good visionary and marketer you need to analyze the general public’s behavior to be able to stay in business. We see the world become smaller and we are thinking of the limitless clientele, possibilities, traveling spots and an exploration opportunity, of course.

International voip phone number

It is also vital that business field executives use VoIP-Phones to save the company more money. This completely cancels any roaming fees (which are always expensive), at least for that executive’s business cellphone; especially if that representative is constantly traveling. How great would it be to not even disclose which part of the world that executive is on? All that a customer or any other inquirer needs to know is: That they can call the local number and there will be somebody available all the time, during business hours.

Switch2Voip VoIP-Phones are virtual numbers that routes simultaneous calls to several extensions and existing telephone lines (analog lines), as well as VoIP devices and mobile lines. This is where the line between virtual and physical brakes and this company helps you as a business to do that.

If you need a virtual VoIP-Phone number as we described previously, you can request one from Switch2Voip, this will be another tool to help you reach and overcome your initial goals, while bending all the possibilities.

What is a DID? (VoIP Phone Number)

DID stands for Direct Inward Dialing, DID’s are commonly called VoIP Phone Numbers or Virtual Phone Numbers, however, according to many Telecom Providers a DID’s is a VoIP phone number that is used to make and receive calls over the internet. Companies from all over the world are using it on their Private Branch Exchange (PBX) system; enabling callers to connect with an extension within a PBX system without the need of an automated call attendant or an operator. One of its main features is that this PBX system would receive all inbound calls and direct them to a certain extension. In this analog process each DID line (VoIP Phone Number) is directed to an individual extension where someone would pick up to attend the call. In modern telephony companies and individuals are answering their company calls on their mobile phones.

As companies grow bigger, they need to find solutions that allows them to provide services for their clients that will speed any process without jeopardizing customer service. It is just perfect that the own callers select which extension they want to connect to.

Important things to remember about VoIP Phone Number’s (DID) Feature:

-Local Presence in foreign markets. -Expanded clientele. -International Branding. -Exporting goods. -An opportunity to test markets before branching there. -Great connectivity. -Less overhead for your company.

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