Wholesale VoIP Termination providers explained

Last modified: October 21, 2021

A–Z VoIP Termination for Call CentersSwitch2VoIP offers competitive, quality contact center wholesale VoIP Termination. We have been serving large businesses, call centers, and residential VoIP users for over 10 years in 55 countries. Our Call Center VoIP solution handles and regulates billions of calls each year with a 99.999% accuracy and certainty.

Switch2VoIP has the best SIP termination and H.323 that every carrier has to give combined with great customer service, and with our pay-as-you-go system with no contracts and no monthly fees, you can have the comfort and ease you need.

Signup for VoIP termination for call centers if you are using predictive dialers such as Vicidial or Goautodial for your telemarketing campaigns.

Advanced VoIP / PSTN Services • Lowest competitive rates based on your call volume • Best technical support • Access your own CDR (Call Detail Records) online • Top of the line quality of service • Tech support configuration help available

Switch2VoIP offers high-quality, low-cost, excellent voice and fax services to their customers in every country!

At Switch2VoIP we take pride in offering Wholesale and Retail VoIP termination users the advantage of a global network without the hassle of building, managing, and directing it themselves.

Service Providers also gain and receive the advantage of the direct interconnections with the world’s leading telecommunication carriers.

We can connect your calls using VoIP (H.323 and SIP protocols) coming from any country on the planet through the Internet.

How does VoIP termination works?

When you signup for VoIP termination you will receive a SIP trunk assigned to your account so you can make calls from anywhere in the world.

The in-house connection system interconnects the major world’s top VoIP termination telecommunication carriers. Our routing engine connects the calls dialed by the users to the available carriers, this applies to every outgoing call by using various criteria to determine which is the route with the best available quality to make sure the calls will connect to the best voice termination provider.

Wholesale VoIP termination

Switch2Voip offer the following wholesale VoIP termination service:

• Premium quality-based routing. Judging by our statistics and customer feedback, for each call made we apply the best VoIP route for the moment from the list of available wholesale voice routes at that specific time, giving you the best premium service available, available for all categories of customers.

• Business balanced quality/price routing. For every call, the system applies the highest-quality route from the list of available VoIP routes for the moment. Available for all categories of customers.

• Wholesale Balanced cost-quality routing. For each call, our VoIP switch applies the best route from the list of quality-accepted available routes for the moment. Recommended for all users.

• Direct per-carrier connection Pure traffic transit. The system uses only the selected carrier(s) for all the calls regardless of the price and statistics for the call destination. Recommended for all users.

VoIP termination brief technical specifications

Basically, any VoIP termination provider should be able to interconnect with any user or any other voice termination provider because the SIP trunking protocol is compatible with all the available softphones and IP phones available in the market. There are some teaks that can be realized to the dialing software to make it perform better in terms of quality and speed to take the most advantage of your internet bandwith.

• Protocol: SIP RFC3261 • Voice codecs: G.729ab, G.711 A-law, G.711 u-law • Fax: Group III at 2.4, 4.8, 7.2, 9.6, 14.4 Kbps, industry-standard T.38 • DTMF via RFC2833 or SIP Info • CLI / ANI authentications • SIP auth method: Remote IP and Digest authentications

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