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Last modified: August 18, 2021

VoIP providers UK SIP TrunkingSIP Trunk UK, VoIP Providers UK at $0.008 per Minute, calls to the United Kingdom under 1 cent per minute.

Switch2VoIP provides UK VoIP service and SIP Trunking for fixed and mobile calling with crystal clear voice quality at $0.008 per minute, a great solution to save money on your business.

Rates to the United Kingdom:

Landline: USD$0.008/Minute Mobile: USD$0.07/Minute

There are no monthly fees, setup fees or hidden charges, you just pay for the minutes you use. See all VoIP Rates

VoIP providers UK SIP Trunk Benefits:

– $0.008/per minute Flat rate to the United Kingdom landline, perfect for Call-Centers.

– Unlimited Ports: One SIP Account from VoIP providers UK includes unlimited channels at no additional cost. No more congestion on your calls or having to open several accounts to make calls, use just one VoIP account and let all your agents make calls at the same time.

– We provide our customers United Kingdom DID coverage with all area codes available nationwide and 800 toll free numbers at $5.00 per month.

– Forward the calls that land on your SIP-Trunk to any phone number in United Kingdom. Never lose a lead again, your prospects are the soul of your business.

– Select our United Kingdom data center for fastest connection, just register your PBX, softphone or device to our United Kingdom POP IP to reduce transit delays.

– Our SIP trunking termination and origination with unlimited channels will allow you to make hundreds of calls at the same time without extra charge. Just pay for the minutes used. Perfect for outbound telemarketing sales.

-CLI delivery 100% guaranteed, your customers will see your phone number on their Caller-ID and will call back your own phone number.

Do you provide UK VoIP Phone Numbers?

Yes, many VoIP providers UK offer Virtual Phone Numbers, (also called DID) is a VoIP telephone number used to receive calls using a softphone or a PBX.  A VoIP phone number makes it possible for someone in a specific area code to call another area code as if it were a local call.

England VoIP telephone numbers are normally programmed to forward the incoming calls to a pre-set telephone number selected by the client or to a Hosted PBX.

  • United Kingdom 800 Toll Free Numbers: $9.99/per month
  • Landline United Kingdom Phone Numbers: USD $9.99 per month.

United Kingdom VoIP Phone Number Benefits:

  • Own a local United Kingdom VoIP phone number at $9.99 per month with no taxes or any other hidden charges.
  • You can make calls from your SIP Account using a softphone, dialing manual or automatically with an auto-dialer.
  • Forward calls from your United Kingdom Virtual VoIP phone number to any phone number in the world.
  • Save a fortune with your U.K. VoIP phone number while your business operates from overseas.
  • The UK VoIP Phone Number allows your customers to contact you easily and effortlessly.
  • You can receive your UK phone calls on your mobile device.
  • VoIP Phone Number Price: $9.99/Month 

A VoIP phone number can work from anywhere; you do not need to wait at a desk for that important call. Calls are routed to your landline or cell phone, which ever you wish.

Other Switch2VoIP SIP Trunking Benefits

– Switch2VoIP SIP Trunking is compatible with Asterisk (Elastix, Vicidial, Goautodial, FreePBX, Trixbox), Freeswitch, 3CX and virtually all the SIP IP-PBX softwares.

– High ASR (average seizure rates) and Low PDD (Post Dial Delay).

– G711 u/a, G722 HD and G729 codecs supported.

Switch2VoIP’s long distance and international calling, makes it easier than ever to stay connected to customers, friends and family. We have all area codes available in the United Kingdom and you’re ready to make calls manually or automatically using predictive dialers.

Now you can have your Virtual office in the United Kingdom while your business operates from overseas.

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