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Wholesale VoIP Termination providers explained

Last modified: October 21, 2021

A-z voip termination for call centers

Switch2VoIP offers competitive, quality contact center wholesale VoIP Termination. We have been serving large businesses, call centers, and residential VoIP users for over 10 years in 55 countries. Our Call Center VoIP solution handles and regulates billions of calls each year with a 99.999% accuracy and certainty.

Switch2VoIP has the best SIP termination and H.323 that every carrier has to give combined with great customer service, and with our pay-as-you-go system with no contracts and no monthly fees, you can have the comfort and ease you need.

Signup for VoIP termination for call centers if you are using predictive dialers such as Vicidial or Goautodial for your telemarketing campaigns.

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How to Call the UK from the US? [Basic Instructions]

Last modified: October 20, 2021

How to call the uk from the us

How to Call the UK from the US?

Read this article to learn how to call the UK from the US the easy way and connect to your friends, family, and colleagues dialing from any telephone service provider. Making calls to the United Kingdom from the United States it’s easy when you know the right country codes, area codes, and which one to dial first.

011 + 44 + Area Code + Phone Number

Calling United Kingdom [UK] from United States [USA] Step by Step:

How to Call the UK from the US?

  1. Dial 011 which is the US exit code, dial 011 if you are calling to the UK from USA or Canada.
  2. Dial 44, the country code for England/UK
  3. Dial the phone number,
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How much does SIP trunking cost?

Last modified: October 20, 2021

How much sip trunking cost?

SIP trunking cost explained

SIP trunking cost is much more competitive when compared with traditional telephone lines. The use of VoIP and, specifically, SIP trunking, is on the rise among businesses worldwide. With prices of less than a single cent per minute, it can be obvious why users are switching to IP telephony.

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunking is a VoIP (“Voice Over Internet Protocol,” an online system that allows internet calls to take place) service that connects one’s asterisk phone system to their PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network).

SIP trunking cost normally differs from provider to provider, however, the price will always be a fraction compared to traditional telephone companies.

SIP creates the opportunity to initiate voice calls or video calls from virtually anywhere by using the internet, just like being in a call center environment.

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VoIP Softphone Downloads

Last modified: October 20, 2021

Download free best softphone

Softphone apps for desktop and mobile to set up with your VoIP provider Switch2VoIP, available for businesses and individuals. Some of these soft-phones provide features such as call recording and three-way calling.

Free softphone download links

Download Zoiper

Free softphone downloads are available for Windows and Mac. Also can be installed on mobile versions from the device App Store. Only require a VoIP account to enter the credentials on the settings and make calls. According to the developers, it’s for non-commercial use despite many online businesses are using it to make and receive calls.

Download Xlite

X-lite has been the most popular softphone for call centers and individuals until recently the developers announced the application will come to an end and they will only continue developing the commercial version called Bria.

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A2Billing: Setting up your SIP trunk, the final guide

Last modified: September 16, 2021

A2billing sip trunk settings

A2Billing SIP trunk authentication can be performed via Digest (Username/Password) and via IP authentication. This article explains how to authenticate your SIP trunk in A2Billing using “Digest” Username/Password authentication.

A2Billing Username/Password based SIP authentication

When using username/password authentication on the SIP provider the SIP trunk has to be setup manually in Asterisk. We will give that SIP trunk a name and then use that name, instead of the IP address, in the A2Billing SIP trunk setup screen above.

Here’s an example of setting up A2Billing SIP trunk with Switch2VoIP. Many providers will be similar and provide all the connection details you need to enter. These settings go in the file /etc/asterisk/sip.conf.

1. Login to A2Billing dashboard. 2. If your termination provider requires the ‘Register’ field enter the register line under the existing [general] section –  » Read more: A2Billing: Setting up your SIP trunk, the final guide  »

Country area codes and exit codes explained simple

Last modified: October 20, 2021

Country exit codes and area codes

Exit Code: This is a short numeric code used to dial out of any country.

Country Code: Are numeric geographical calling codes designed for different countries and dependent territories for telecommunications.

Exit codes and country codes list

This list of exit codes and country codes is a complete guide to call any country in the world. The calling table below is organized to help you find the exit codes you need to make long-distance telephone calls to friends, family, and businesses around the globe.

Simply find the country you wish to call. You’ll find instructions on how to call all countries using its country code and exit code, as well as other helpful information like area codes.

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Download Bria Mobile VoIP Application for iPhone, iPad and Android.

Last modified: April 9, 2021

Bria voip setup

Follow this walkthrough if you need to configure Bria Mobile VoIP software for iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile phones.

Technical Features Highlights

  • Paid SIP-based softphone with excellent voice quality, G.729 and other Wideband Codecs are included.
  • Configure your own VoIP provider.
  • Better battery life with Push service.
  • High-definition audio codecs including G.722.
  • 720p HD Video when using H.264 or VP8, works on supported devices.

Bria Settings

1. Download Bria VoIP app for Iphone and Ipad or download Bria for Android from the Google Play store. When the installation is completed go to the Bria icon on your mobile phone and the softphone will open.

2. Click on Accounts and go to SIP – Making Calls

3. Enter your VoIP account SIP details as shown below and click Save.

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The top 7 best auto dialer software systems to make VoIP calls from a Call Center

Last modified: October 20, 2021

Best auto dialer for call centers

There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to contacting clients via telephone in a fast and organized manner, call centers and small business are constantly looking for the best auto dialer system to suit the daily needs of an organization dealing with hundreds of inbound/outbound calls, these PBX softwares not only increase productivity up to 400% but also helps make the work faster and easier for the call center agents.

From softphones for manual calling to the best auto dialer solutions, there are plenty of softwares in the market for making calls from call centers.

The open source solutions remain on the top of the chain because of their versatility and easy customization to achieve all the required telecommunication goals for business of any size.

Below the most popular systems used with VoIP and SIP trunking.

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The perfect Hotel VoIP service provider with full tech support included

Last modified: March 24, 2021

Voip for hotels

Any hospitality business needs a good hotel VoIP service provider that helps improve and eventually enhance the quality of their phone calls and ease day-to-day operations.

A hotel VoIP provider is necessary to reduce costs by 65% on long-distance calls, saving is something that hotels surely need on a large scale.

A high-quality hotel VoIP service provider helps businesses cut down costs incurred by telephonic usage on a day-to-day basis; therefore, the opportunity for hotels to benefit from VoIP provided by Switch2VoIP is most definitely golden, with short term as well as long-term benefits. The service providers enjoy an impeccable reputation and have years of experience on their hands. They also offer SIP trunking for IP-PBX for the convenience of all hotels using any kind of IP-PBX. All in all, it is now the time for hotels to benefit from the new VoIP service launched by Switch2VoIP in order to reduce their phone bills in record time.

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Switch2VoIP is proud to offer VoIP for Call Centers in Philippines

Last modified: April 6, 2021

Voip for call centers in philippines

Olympia, WA — (SBWIRE) — Switch2VoIP now provides VoIP for Call Centers in Philippines.

Switch2VoIP now offers VoIP for call centers in Philippines. Call Centers in the Philippines can now benefit from the Switch2VoIP services as it can save a substantial amount of money when as compared to the cost incurred for long-distance calls made via conventional methods. Switch2VoIP offers highly reliable and affordable VoIP services at competitive rates without compromising on quality.

Switch2VoIP provides VoIP for call centers in the Philippines with a well-trained support team that is accessible 24/7 via live support. Call Centers in the Phillippines can switch to the advanced SIP trunking service solutions of Switch2VoIP, profit from its global presence and vast experience in terms of rendering quality service in the field of VoIP and to call centers in specific.

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