VoIP for Business

Last modified: January 16, 2021

Voip for business
VoIP for business

A digital virtual voice VoIP solution for Business and CallCenters that gives the user the option of calling their clients at a portion of the cost. All VoIP rates are under 1 cent per minute

Increase your work rate and capability, your business will become more efficient and productive using a hosted Virtual Call Center at only $15 per extension/month per agent.

Affordable Business VoIP Solution

Switch2VoIP allows you to keep the current software and technology you’re using in your business, with just a few configuration changes in your Auto-Dialer or IP-PBX and you can start making calls at very low cost.

With maintaining your same Business phone number and technology and being able to lower costs, your company will be able to communicate more efficiently and effectively with its clients.

From your home or office, using your internet connection you will be able to modify your account settings and features fast and easy by just logging into your account without any limitations.

Switch2VoIP has a reputation and success rate due to its business friendly characteristics, competitive rates, simplified billing and customer service.

Who can benefit from a Business VoIP provider?

  • Entrepreneurs making calls on the go from their smart phones using a SIP account installed on a Mobile or an IP Phone on their desks.
  • All small businesses or call centers having the need to make long distance calls to customers.
  • Large sized business with many offices in various geographic locations are able to communicate amongst the branches and business partners at very low rates.
  • Companies or organizations that want to reduce their phone bills, can than invest that money in other areas of their business.
  • A business whose sales team must travel to meet their customers can really benefit with our low cost VoIP calling.
  • CallCenters using systems such as IP-PBX, VICIdial, Goautodial, Asterisk, FreeSwitch, etc.
  • Resellers, Carriers and Telecom companies looking to provide phone service to their local customers at a lower rate.